Jordan C.-January 31st 2018

   I just wanted to quickly thank you for this amazing product. I'm brand new to fishing and picked up some of your beads on a Whim in Work, Sports & Outdoors.(Enumclaw, Wa) Landed my first few fish on your beads the very next day after getting nowhere with everything else. I was thrilled and having a Blast Now!

   Just ordered more, sad to say I lost some to the River... looking forward to grabbing more in the Future! Cheers from Washington State!


Jordan C. 


Best Beads on the Market. Been fishing them 3 or 4 years now and Hands down The Most Productive Bead on the River. Keep them Coming....Ben

Name: Ryan

Message: I ran out of 8MM Fire red beads that you sent me. I must say, hands bead I have ever fished. I have got multiple fish first cast using this bead. Just wanted to shoot you an email to tell you that you make one Hell of a bead. I'm going to order a few more. Ryan Dec 20th 2015


          I got your beads in the mail yesterday. I have been bead fishing for about 8 years, fished a wide variety of different beads from different vendors...By far you have the best looking beads I have seen! Amazing Job! I will be buying from you and I also be recommending you to everyone I know who fishes beads. Thanks Again..  Ryan Dec 23 2015


Name: Brent /Pavati Boats

Message: Got the shipment today, I'm totally stoked. These Steelybeads® look bad@$$! Steve was right, these are the ticket. I've never seen any that look as good as these...Nothing compares. Can't wait to get out and use them and shoot some pics & videos. I'll be posting some pics on our blog and sending it out to all our social media pages, so watch for those. I'll be sure to to put a link back to your website on them. Once the video is done, I'll be posting stand I'll send you a link for it. Feel free to put it on your website if you would like to use it. Brent Pavati Boats

Name: Ben

Message: I just placed an order with you guys over the weekend and they were on my doorstep today. The service was so prompt I had place another to  fish these this weekend. Nice work guys! I fish with hundreds of fisherman each year and they will all hear about your company from me. I buy a ton of gear each year and you have just become my main bead supplier. Tight Lines!  Ben

Name: Shawn

Message: Just wanted to say ..thanks for making a quality product, the detail you guys put into your paint job is Awesome and unmatched in the Competitive market! Attached is a pic of Fire bead doing work, it's the best shot I had that shows the bead in all it's Glory! Do you guys make custom colors?  Thanks again . Shawn

Name: Josh

Message: James ..Thank You again for your beads. We finished them tuesday this week and caught 26 Steelhead on the Wynoochy. The 16MM beads are the (Bomb). I really like the Shrimp Pink and Fire Red in the green 3 ft. water conditions. They are super fish. Tight Lines and Thanks again. I made a few Beadlievers the other day. I hope you get some orders...Josh.

Name: Gary

Message: I fished a stretch river on the Wynoochee with you a few years back.I had a good day that day and you were down to earth and very nice. I Remember you liked my old Clack boat. You offered me some beads..I only grabbed a couple. Finally nothing was working last year and I tried Em. Went 12 for 16 to finish the day. Lost my couple of beads..wish I would of grabbed some more, like you said? Great product and great way to promote. Wish I knew what colors you gave me, i'd like to have more days like that...Gary.

Customer Satisfaction/Comments

**Customer Comments**

Name: Britton

Message: I just wanted to say..Thank You. I've been fishing with Steelybeads for a couple of years now, a friend of mine very generously gave me a handful of them a while back, and since then I've ordered some for myself. The Fish these beads produce are incredible and the colors and paint jobs are second to none. You've also included in the last couple orders very generous free samples..which I greatly appreciate. Thanks again and you got a Lifelong customer. Tight Lines.